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well well lookie what we have here..

-the deserted smoke-filled dimly lit bar
-deep cherry cola mahogany wood and black tile reflect the ice cold neon blue lights from outside
-a jukebox switches on, a selection is made by a stranger in black
-a strutting first move in tune, raven tresses flipping in a wild call
-it is her song, it makes her feel like all eyes on her and her seductive dance
-the goddess in matte black leather pants and tight black low cut top
-no one is there except her and the stranger, as she moves like polished chrome streaming across the jet black pit
-there is a dangerously stunning set of calm eyes in the corner following her about the floor
-a quick glance and they have disappeared but she continues to be beckon the gods of lust with the fluid move of her hips
-a hand runs from the base of her back and slides up the back of her head, a gentle uplifting of furious locks
-soft lips trace her nape, the hair is let back down, and the presence disappears
-she closes her eyes and calls the gods down with the gyrating of the pelvis
-in a blur in time, in a flash, the empty space behind her becomes filled with a body
-hands slick up her sides and slide down the front
-and so the dance continues until dawn

great, I get woken up by someone playing my lust song
and now I am hot and bothered and want to burn it off at the lynnwood.
going to bed to dream
god kveld

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