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i hate me, i love me

i hate this body, but i know when it has stopped betraying me i can learn to love it again

boys dont cry
girls dont punch walls

I am a freak, and i fucking hate it right now

I had a longer post but lj decided to eat it

I am banning gender contemplation alltogether when my uterus is in rebellion
mutherfucking uterus I hope you bleed to death bitch!
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*kisses* I love you

start using semagic
danke hon

i love you too *kisses*
and don't be wishing no death to the uterus since it's probably going to rut in there and then you'll get infected and die.

so yeah. no dying! I forbid it!


I love you and I miss you like wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh very very much. Taking a little break mid studying. (it's going alright. I still say this optimality is nothing but fancy imaginary bullshit but ya know... I'm only a student, don't matter what I think)

*many many kisses*
i dont think it will die or rot away...sometimes i want it to be gone tho :P

I love and miss you too honey *kisses*