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god gawd im at it again! lol

yeah, this be a good site for useful trans links

I wish i knew already if my pack was shipped getting impatient and want to try it out asap! *is too eager*

I wonder if artificial sex modification will suit it for me, I am really hoping it will because HRT and reassignment surgery to me is the last option on the list not only because of the outrageous expense, but also because of the permanent health risks involved.

Alot of the time i hate this bloody pissant vagina, and yeah i curse at it alot and at my body too when it desides to betray my mind every fucking month...but i read about these stories of ftm's being very possessive and secretive about their "members" once they get them...and as you all might know
You cannot be possessive and secret about your body in a relationship and a sexual one at that.

righto, im hungry, going to eat

ha det kiddies
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