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I feel so bad for betraying a long friendship and an old love!!

gawd the anniversary was yesterday and I completely forgot!!!

yes i am completely obsessed

Happy belated 10th anniversary Together Alone!

Happy belated 10th birthday to "Distant Sun"
may you fill me with as much tears of joy and sadness as the last 10 years have brought me.

Thank you for the feeling

thank you for reminding me what love really is by just a string of simple chords
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you are beyond unbelievable sister >_<

as I recall, there were more sad tears than happy ones

funny how it used to take a song to be your crutch so that you could feel

sometimes people would think you were autistic because of your lack of understanding of even the most simple feelings of life.
I never thought that, but you were so quiet and detatched from the world, that is how that world decided to label you.

thank goodness that we have no guitar or you would be playing those "simple chords" quite alot lol