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now is there really anything wrong with a midget getting fucked by a horse or a chick whacking off a dog?

Deviation makes the world go around

no seriously, the above doesnt float my boat, but it does for other people (otherwise there wouldnt be such an easy access to it online)

In a way dont we all deviate in our own little ways?

I read about this in an issue of Retarbed zine (issue ate) i believe

They categorised levels of sexual deviation

1. Homosexuality
2. Fauna (beastiality, inter animal kingdom)
3. Flora (inter plant kingdom)
4. neither (synthetics or non-organics)

and yes this is in successional order, and something is odd about that..
according to the author of the article a man ramming a silicone dildo into his ass is more deviatory than satisfying it with a wobbly pig cock instead
the author's explaination? If it were with a pig, at least he would be keeping it in the same kingdom

yeah i dont get it either, I am just as boggled as the general public, nm general public find the subject to be taboo
yet it still interested me and my perverted mind

but then wouldnt the guy from american pie who fucked the apple pie, and any male that thought sticking his cock into a hole in a watermellon, or any girl who has used fresh produce (ie. cucumber) be considered a deviatory freak?
but also then, it aint that much a taboo since it is forever engrained in pop culture and people look at it for entertainment instead of looking away disgusted.

As for myself, how deviatory have I been? lmao
Seems again i am two extremes (1 and 4) plus a Houston-induced interlude with a really fat carved carrot (3). lol

In summary
everyone deviates and is perverted in different ways

That zine was pretty cool actually
a few articles later was a indie straight guy's take on homosexuality aptly titled: "I'm a gay homosexual"
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omfg I cant believe you just wrote that!

eeeewwww you are such a pervert!

you seriously need help
wth is yer problem Moon?

i didnt put up pictures because i knew you would freak
but you still freak

should cut that out y'know, for one thing it is annoying

secondly everyone has a right to their own opinion

deal with it
I agree with the ewww... fresh produce and animals? ewwwwwwwwwwwww good gawd ick. cucumber and damn carrots are never going to be the same. there goes my diet.

perverts are fun though as long as they stay away from the animal and midget obsession. or produce really.

*sneaks a kiss*
hahahaha midgets are funny