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What I talked to Dr.Baerg about on Monday

For once I stumped the doctor! whooha!

Asked for some info on testosterone therapy, and Kerry just dropped his jaw.

I am not sure if i consider myself transgender or not, but I definitely do not consider myself a woman by any means.

Nor do I really consider myself androgyne either, I know Erin considers herself that, but I myself, do not.

Gender can be a very controversial and confusing topic of internal discussion (putting the ever stressful external and interpersonal discussions into an entirely different and difficult section of course...dont wanna touch those with a 50ft pole some days)

So Kerry did not know much about hormone therapy or even really anything on gender reassignment surgery, so we went into his office and he looked it up through the medical database he had and printed out some journal article titles for me to look at through the UBC medical library.

I had already done some research about testosterone therapy, but i was never sure if the information source was reliable or creditable enough. So i did what they always said to do, Consult your physician lol
All the experience he has had with sex change or even just hormone therapy, was an indirect encounter with a MTF patient whom he referred to a specialist in Vancouver.
But I am glad that my questions posed him to do some research on his own to further his medical knowledge.

"the times, they are a changin"
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